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Digital Metres In Javea – Iberdrola Prevents Electricity Fiddling

Digital Metres In Javea – Iberdrola Prevents Electricity Fiddling
July 11
11:47 2014

It was decided by the various electric utility companies in Spain that by the year 2016, all electrical metres in Spain would be replaced by digital versions. These metres have a lot of benefits from the point of the utility companies, as they can be read from a remote location, and there will be no real need for local Iberdrola offices in Spanish towns, which will reduce the company’s costs considerably.

Here are some examples of what you can expect with regards to services and costs when you have your digital meter installed.

There are few of us who have not experienced a tripping metre. This is usually down to using an appliance that has a higher amperage than your meter allows. When you have your digital media in place you will be able to call a number, and from a remote office your amperage will be increased, along with your tariff. Needless to say this is perfect for the electricity companies as they do not need to send anybody to take a look at the problem, and over the year you will find you are paying around €200 more for your increased tariff, as the price difference between 5.5 kW 9.7 K Watts is about €20 a month.

Remember – this is NOT a charge for electricity you have actually spent, but rather you will be paying for the possibility of being able to use your appliance without problems.

New Electric Meters – Are They a Waste Of Money?

In a similar way if you’re going away you can call the Iberdrola offices and they will cut off your electricity remotely. However, this does not really do you any favours because you will have to pay a charge to have the electricity reconnected on your return, and at this time it costs about €70. Therefore once again, the benefits of the digital electric meters are not being passed to the consumer, as this cost is concurrent with the present charge of reconnecting electricity.

Your meter will be read remotely so there will be no reason for the meter reading man to call. The meter is connected to the head office by means of a device similar to a router and your electricity usage can be tracked real-time.

Take note!

We have been reliably informed that any time a screwdriver comes into contact with the new meters, central office will receive a call to let them know the meter is being tampered with. Stealing electricity is about to become near impossible, which is maybe bad news for “ocupantes” (squatters) or those who live in very rural locations who may “share” their neighbour’s electricity supply.

Depending on the area you live, it is quite likely a single transformer will be used that will supply around 15 households. It will register how much electricity is actually being officially used, against the amount the company is supplying. Any discrepancies will of course be checked out – so if the company finds 70 kW are currently supplied but only 60 kW are registered as being used, there is a problem.

The new digital electricity metres are expected to be installed in all Javea homes by the end of September 2014.

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