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Louts In Early Morning Brawl That Results In Hit And Run

A number of brawlers exchanged punches and kicks at others on who were on the ground before one of them made a hit-and-run attempt. The incident happened in the early hours of  Monday, the 14th of August, at around 5 am.

The video below shows that, once again, Javea is experiencing violence and unsociable behaviour this summer, in line with previous years when loutish actions have almost become the norm.

The video shows a group of young people arguing, chasing each other and exchanging punches and kicks in a rowdy brawl. Several of them are pushed and end up on the ground, where they continue to receive blows, one of them, at the end of the video, being kicked violently in the face.

Subsequently, and as a consequence of this battle, one of the males got into his car and ran over another, causing minor injuries.


The Javea Local Police warned the Local Police of Dénia to look out for the vehicle. When apprehended by Dénia police, the driver refused to take a breathalyser and drug test. The Dénia police made a report for the Duty Court.

Several witnesses who recorded the event providing the police with information which will assist in judicial proceedings were transferred to the Civil Guard of Jávea, which has opened an investigation into an alleged intentional homicide attempt resulting in injury.

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