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Astonishing Rental Statistics for Javea This Summer

Many people have commented to Javea News about the number of young people in Javea this summer (between 16-25 years).

There seems to be a proliferation of groups of youngsters walking around the Javea Arenal in July and August.

While we have seen groups of teenagers in years gone by (the majority being Spanish, from Valencia and Madrid) this year the number of younger visitors seems exceptional.

To try and get some sort of idea of how much this has impacted the rental community, Javea News asked five local rental agencies for their comments on the issue, and their feedback was jaw-dropping!

In years gone by, groups of young people accounted for only 10% of the total rental occupancy of properties in and around Javea.

This July, it has risen to a staggering 35% where 1 in 3 properties were rented or used by people under 25.

COVID has restricted travel and reduced the number of families holidaying in the area, which has made more properties available to rent. These seem to have been snapped up by the younger generation eager to get away from their hometowns in Spain.

JN comment…Let’s hope things return to normal for next year!

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