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Spain to Begin Issuing COVID-19 Vaccination Certificates

Several European countries, among them Spain, intend to introduce a vaccination certificate for COVID-19 to prove that the holder is fully vaccinated. This new system is a definitive step in opening up Spain’s borders for safe international travel, offering a lifeline to the struggling hospitality trade.

Spanish tourism has incurred great losses due to the pandemic, with revenues decreasing by 75%. 

Furthermore, the Spanish government is keen for Europe to adopt a collective COVID vaccination certificate for Europe to initiate travel through the Schengen Area.

The mass vaccination programmes adopted by most countries against COVID-19 offer hope that immunising people will eventually eradicate the disease. Once people are fully vaccinated, it is improbable they will get coronavirus and pass it on. Therefore, it is hoped safe travel can start without the risk of a steep rise in infections or tourists bringing the virus home with them after a trip.

Can you enter Spain without a vaccination certificate?

The details of the Spanish vaccination certificate are not fully known, but it appears likely that international travellers will need to carry a certificate demonstrating immunity soon.

An EU-wide vaccination certificate is expected to be launched during the summer of 2021. The European Commission has suggested a certificate which will be recognised across Europe. It will state whether the holder is vaccinated, has recently recovered from coronavirus, or has tested negative.

Not everyone supports immunity certificates, including the World Health Organization. The WHO says it is too soon to know if the vaccines currently available stop the virus from spreading, and the vaccinated person may still be able to transmit the virus to others.


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