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Spanish Traffic Offences That Come With a Penalty – Are You Committing These?

Ignorance of the law is no excuse when it comes to committing an offence in Spain, so it is vital to keep up with the Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT) lists of rules and regulations to avoid committing a traffic offence that could result in a fine or loss of points on your licence.

As we recently reported, new driving laws will take effect in 2017 where drivers of UK cars can going forward, expect to receive a fine landing on their doormat via post in the UK if committing a traffic offence in Spain.

So whether you live in here in Javea, or indeed any part of Spain, or are coming here on holiday, you should be aware of the Spanish traffic laws.

To avoid getting a nasty surprise, take a look at our updated list of DGT traffic sanctions.

Spanish Driving Licensing Offences

  1. Neglecting to tell the DGT that you have changed your address carries an 80€ fine.
  2. Driving with an expired licence: 200€.
  3. Driving without a current ITV certificate: 200€.
  4. If you are the holder of a current licence but are not carrying it at the time you are stopped, the fine is 10€.
  5. Driving without a licence or using a licence that has its points used up, or driving when your licence has been withdrawn is considered a criminal offense. (Before the reform of the penal code, these were considered only administrative infractions).
  6. Driving a vehicle or moped when you do not have a legitimate licence or because you lost your legally assigned points, is a crime that will be punished with imprisonment from 3 to 6 months, or 31 to 90 days of community work, with a further one or two years loss of licence.
  7. The same penalty shall be imposed on a person who drives a vehicle after having their licence evoked by a judge, and driving a motor vehicle or moped without having completed the full term of their driving ban.

Pedestrian Fines in Spain

Fines and sanctions are also applicable to unruly unsafe behavior by pedestrians.

  1. Crossing the road in a very slow manner, even if you are on a zebra crossing without a justifiable reason could result in a fine of 80€.
  2. Crossing the road in an undesignated spot or walking along the road: 80€.
  3. Crossing at a pedestrian crossing when the light is red, or even when amber: 200€.
  4. If you provoke a traffic accident as a foot pedestrian, whether you are under the influence of alcohol or not is an offence that carries a 200€ fine.
  5. Walking in a lane designated for buses or bicycles is an offence with a 200€ forfeit.

Driving a Substandard Vehicle or In a Substandard Fashion

  1. Driving a vehicle without a bumper is a 200€ offence.
  2. Driving with tyres in poor condition: 200€.
  3. Driving a vehicle after it has failed the ITV carries a 500€ fine.
  4. Driving with the number plate in poor condition or with a plate not of the approved size: 80€ penalty.
  5. Avoid putting adornments, drawings or advertising on the licence plate, as this also carries an 80€ fine.
  6. Throwing any objects, including handkerchiefs, plastic bags, or litter from your car onto the road: 200€.
  7. Throwing a cigarette stub or anything glass from the window is against the law as it is a fire hazard and bears a fine of 200€.
  8. Driving with headphones of the type used to listen to MP3s etc. will cost you 200€ if you are caught in action.
  9. Making your vehicle skid on purpose as you set it into gear carries a 100€ fine.
  10. Driving without a shirt, wearing flip-flops or driving barefoot comes with a fine of 200€ because driving without adequate covering could diminish your capacity to control your car or to react when in an emergency situation.

Prohibited and Dangerous Driving

  1. Organising or taking part in illegal car races is an illegal activity that carries a 500€ fine.

    While it is a common site, avoid double parking in Spain, as it carries a 200€ fine
  2. Not giving way to another vehicle that has the right of way is payable with a 200€ fine and a deduction of 4 licence points.
  3. Reversing when it is not allowed; i.e. reversing on a main road because you missed your exit, will result in a 200€ fine and 4 points off your licence.
  4. If you overtake a vehicle then after passing drive directly in front of it, you could be fined 200€.
  5. Increasing your speed when you are about to be overtaken: 200€.
  6. Double parking: 200€.
  7. Driving without your back licence plate illuminated: 200€.
  8. Using your horn without a justifiable motive: 80€.
  9. Driving or parking on a raised pavement: 200€.

Just like in any other country, when driving in Spain, the best approach is to make sure you know the laws and rules and follow them. In reality, you are likely to see many drivers flouting the regulations, especially those related to parking and throwing litter out of moving cars. With relation to pedestrian offenses, crossing the road in a dangerous way or without thought to others is extremely common. However, we advise ignoring those that break the law and when here, do your best to stay safe, avoid legal situations, and rather than paying traffic fines, keep your money in your pocket.