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EasyJet Grounds Its Entire Fleet Of Planes, And Staff Help Covid-19 Patients

EasyJet has stopped all operations amid the coronavirus crisis governments globally have restricted flights. The company will make a statement today on the 30th March regarding workers’ layoffs and plans for the airline. The airline industry faces tumultuous times due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and it is likely to be some time before things return to normal. As EasyJet announced the grounding of its fleet and Virgin Airlines essentially also grinds to a halt, it is good news to hear that cabin crew from the two airlines will accompany medical teams at the new Nightingale hospitals established to deal with coronavirus patients. Staff at Virgin Atlantic and EasyJet are invited to volunteer their services at the 4,000-bed clinic being built at the ExCel centre in east London, plus two more clinics planned in Birmingham and Manchester. Their salaries will be paid by the airlines, the NHS has stated. The NHS has created “Nightingale” Hospitals throughout the UK to treat the required demand for the treatment of Covid-19 patients The airline industry requires that cabin staff are trained in first aid and CPR and therefore, could be of great help to the NHS.