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Police Fine Bank Visitor Over the Weekend

The local police and Guardia Civil were out in full force over the weekend in Javea, envoking the lockdown currently in operation in Spain. Looking for people making “unnecessary” journeys were they key objectives. Operating in the Arenal area, they stopped cyclists, walkers and car drivers. One expat was fined €250 when attempting to use the ATM at the Caixa Bank near the new Mas y Mas on Sunday. He explained it was to pay a bill but the local police said he could pay that online and didn’t need to use the banks ATM machine. As a sign of enforcing this rule, they also threatened to take his car away as further punishment. Only after heated discussions did the police allow him to drive home. Once cyclist was seen to fly past the police believing he was immune to their “control point ” only to be shouted at and forced to stop by other patrol cars on the opposite side of the roundabout. Their policy as explained many times is that if you make unnecessary journeys that cannot be justified then you will be stopped and fined.