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Costa Blanca Town Issues 1,000 Fines To People Violating Lockdown

In just two weeks of ‘lockdown’, Torrevieja authorities will have issued 1,000 penalties to people flouting lock-down restrictions, according to Eduardo Dolón, the Mayor of the popular Costa Blanca resort. City Mayor, Eduardo Dolón, said last week, “Currently we have 900 infringements and the Local Police estimate that by the remainder of the week infractions will reach 1000, with many of the disobediences are for reasons repeatedly mentioned, such as walking a dog several kilometres from your house. The mayor warned, “When the Local Police stop you, they will check where your home is.” Dolón reassured the residents of Torrevieja that he will resume working with local and regional Health Departments to gather more precise information regarding the spread of Covid-19 in the city and develop proposals to address the spread of the pandemic.