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The Spanish Government Creates a New Website for Covid-19

On the 26th March a website was launched by the Ministry of Health where citizens can request an appointment with their nearest Health Centre in the event they show clinical symptoms compatible with the coronavirus infection. The appointment is requested by inserting the SIP number and date of birth of the suspected patient and confirming a contact phone number. You (or the patient you are representing) will then get a call as soon as possible with confirmation of an appointment. The status of the appointment is reported through the website, i.e.: requested, confirmed, or completed. If, during the initial phone call the health professional recognises the symptoms as possibly coronavirus, phone appointments to follow the case will be scheduled by the health professional. From then, you will receive intermittent calls to check your (or the patient’s) health situation and help you with any questions and requirements you may have. If they have symptoms than those related to Coronavirus, contact your health centre by the normal appointment guidelines.