Local News

Fire Brings Panic to Restaurant Diners in Javea Late Monday Evening

A fire broke out late last night near to the WOK restaurant in Javea and as a precaution, the local police and fire brigade deciding to evacuate diners for safety reasons. It was heard that the police mentioned someone had a “gun” in the apartment in question but that is to be confirmed. Initially that was the prime reason for the evacuation.

It all happened around 9-10 o’clock with the local police on the scene blocking off access to the roundabout where the restaurant is located. Several ambulances were in attendence.

The fire continued to burn for a few hours as the fire brigade battled to get access to the complex. Being a top floor apartment (with dual inside and outside aspect), the fire seemed to be concentrated on the “inside” of the community and with minimal access, the fire brigade used ladders to access the property and dampen the fire.