Javea Mayor Risks Escalating Outbreak of Coronavirus

Local residents of Javea are up in arms with the decision of Javea’s Mayor José Chulvi. for allowing two major disco/nightclubs to open in Javea last weekend.

The two clubs in question, the Moli Blanc and Achill on the Arenal, were reported to be packed with wall to wall revelers until the early hours of the morning.

Workers at the two venues, who do not wish to be named said it was crazy with people standing shoulder to shoulder with no masks.

Local residents complain that they have worked hard for the last 4 or 5 months to maintain social distancing and obey regulations to hold back the virus outbreak. Yet now, we have a Mayor who lets a 1,000 people disregard all the rules and regulations which just undoes all the progress we have made.

“How can two local nightclubs open uncontrolled and with no regard to the safety of others?” one resident says. “Do they have connections with the Mayor or the Town Hall?” another asks.

Why should we carry on wearing masks in supermarkets and public offices and maintain social distancing on one hand, when on the other, our Mayor acts totally irresponsibly and opens the flood gates to let coronavirus take hold in our lovely town.

Many say that if the coronavirus does breakout in Javea, there is only one person to blame, Jose Chulvi.