The Valencia Community passes into phase 3 of de-escalation

Javea passes today, on June 15, into phase 3 of de-escalation, as announced at the weekend by the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa. Along with Valencia, Alicante and Castelló are also advancing from phase 2, so the Valencian Community is going to phase 3 en bloc. In this period, the autonomous governments determine the specific measures for each sector for their corresponding regions.

Even though coronavirus cases are still registered and, therefore, the protection measures against Covid-19 should not be forgotten, phase 3 of the de-escalation will bring great relief to citizens. Phase 3 sees the disappearance of time slots for the entire population, which, although they had already been relaxed in phase 2, still affected those over 70 years of age and high-risk groups.

With the move to phase 3 in Valencia, Alicante, and Castelló, social interaction will become easier, with wider mobility. More people may gather at meetings, and restaurants and leisure venues can open to a fuller capacity. Furthermore, children can finally play together thanks to the opening of swing parks and playgrounds.

What additional freedom can we expect in Phase 3?

  • While the definitive end of time slots for the entire population has been announced, it is mandatory to wear a mask on public roads, outdoor spaces, and in any enclosed closed space for public use or open to the public. This applies where it is not possible to maintain a safety distance of at least two metres.
  • All seats are allowed to be used on public transport (bus, subway or train) in which passengers must be seated, and if they are standing, a separation of 2 meters must be guaranteed.
  • Weddings can be held in open or closed spaces as long as 75% of the full venue capacity is not exceeded, and always with a maximum of 150 people outdoors or 75 in closed places.Hotels and tourist accommodation may open communal spaces up to 50% of full capacity.
  • Cultural activities in libraries and museums are permitted. Libraries can allow users to study on the premises if they do not exceed 50% of their capacity, and the safety distance between users can be maintained.
  • Business meetings can take place with up to 80 attendees.
  • Wakes can be held for up to 50 people outdoors and up to 25 in closed spaces.
  • Places of worship will remain open if they do not exceed 75% of their capacity.
  • Travel in phase 3 of de-escalation allows residents to move freely through the three provinces of the Valencian Community. Travel to other regions may only take place for health, professional or work reasons, or to attend or care for the elderly, dependent, or disabled people. Leisure travel to other provinces is not yet permitted.
  • Bars and restaurants may serve customers at the bar as long as a minimum safety distance of two metres between clients is guaranteed.
  • The terraces may expand their capacity to 75%.
  • Commerce and shopping centres can open their common and leisure areas of shopping to 40% of their capacity, while stores must limit the entry of customers to 50%. Shops outside shopping centers must also limit their capacity to 50%.
  • A priority schedule must be established by shops to cater to people over 65 years of age.
  • Open markets will limit the number of stalls by half and must guarantee that shoppers maintain the minimum safety distance from each other.
  • Cinemas, theaters, auditoriums, and shows open with pre-assigned seats can resume without exceeding 50% of the capacity. Zoos and aquariums are once again operating at 50% of their capacity.
  • Nightclubs and nightclubs reopen, although with a third of their capacity and without a dance floor. It is also recommended that they enable itineraries to avoid crowding and contact between clients.
  • Tourism outings or excursions in groups of up to 30 people are permitted. In the case of guided tours, of up to 20 people are allowed. Audio guide devices and brochures cannot be used.
  • Casinos, gambling, and recreational rooms will open to 50% of their capacity, although the chips and cards used must be sanitized every two hours.
  • Sports competitions are back, and swimming pools and sports centres can open at 30% of their capacity.